New Talents


The New Talents Caucasus Presentation

The very first New Talents Caucasus presentation aims at highlighting documentary projects by emerging filmmakers from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, at development stage. The selected candidates have either participated in the CinéDOC-Tbilisi Summer School or their documentaries have been selected for the Focus Caucasus program this year or the Shorts program.

Ten filmmakers have been selected and offered an exciting opportunity to present their new projects in front of a panel of international industry representatives. Zane Balcus (Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries), Melanie De Vocht (IDFA Bertha Fund), Brigid O’Shea (DOK Leipzig) Mariam Chachia (Eurasiadoc), Kenan Aliyev (Current Time TV) and Manana Suradze (Georgian National Film Center) will be among the panelists.


The selected participants of New Talents Caucasus 2019:

  • Anzhela Frangyan and Inna Mkhitaryan

  • Arthur Sukiasyan

  • Hovhannes Ishkhanyan

  • Maka Gogaladze

  • Natia Arabuli-Weger

  • Ararat Grigoryan

  • Leyli Gafarova

  • Elene Mikaberidze

  • Ana Jegnaradze

  • Mari Gulbiani


New Talents Caucasus Awards

Jury members: Mariam Chachia, Zane Balcus, Kenan Alyiev

Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries Award – Ever Since I Know Myself, Maka Gogaladze
The Author of the project will participate at the Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries held in Riga, Latvia, in September 3-7, 2019

Zane Balcus, Pitching Forum Representative of Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries – “For a poetical and personal, memory driven story connecting past and present in an original, and visually complex form.”

Current Time TV Award (USD 1000) – Mothers, Sons and Homeland Leyli Gafarova

Sergei Trofimov The Acquisition and Commissioning Manager of Current Time TV – “The film uses the stories of two families, two mothers and their sons, to try and understand a country still living between peace and war. Current Time always supports new talent, new voices, from some of the most difficult places, and today we are very proud to recognize Leyli Gafarova, this new talent from Azerbaijan.”

Eurasiadoc Awards – Beauty and the Lawyer by Hovhannes Ishkhanian and Cadillac Dreams by Elene Mikaberidze

Mariam Chachia, Representative of Eurasiadoc – “Eurasiadoc is a French programme which helps documentary filmmakers to transform their ideas to the films. This year Eurasiadoc is awarding prizes for one Georgian and one Armenian filmmaker. These authors will have the possibility to attend two weeks scriptwriting residency and develop their projects with EuraisaDoc trainers. Two brave projects grabbed our attention. They tell us stories about the fight for freedom. Even though the characters of the projects are totally different from each other, all of them choose to fight for equality and they try to break down the boarders which are made by humans.  The prizes of Euraisadoc 2019 for the Georgian residency goes to the project Cadilac Dreams by Elene Mikaberidze. The prize for Euraisadoc 2019 for the Armenian residency goes to the project Beauty and the Lawyer by Hovhannes Ishkhanyan.”