Documentary Mondays


Documentary Mondays was supported by the Open Society Georgia Foundation and was a public film screenings event of award winning international and Georgian creative documentaries. Documentary Mondays was already very popular in other European cities like London, Athens, Prague, Bucharest where the screenings are attended by large audiences. Documentaries are still really becoming mainstream in Europe.

The purpose of this project was not only to screen documentaries but to initiate open discussions and debates for the public attending the screenings. In creative documentaries the subjective point of view of the filmmaker is central, but doesn’t exceed the limits of reality. The genres and forms of films varied each Monday from documentary road movie, to essay film or investigative documentary. Moreover, each screening had an invited special guest for each topic in order to explore the films more deeply.

Documentary Mondays were organized monthly only on Mondays evenings in art-cafés, cultural centers and/or cinemas in Tbilisi. Documentary Mondays screenings were free of charge.