CinéDOC-Tbilisi 2013 - Awarded Films

Jury members of the international competition were: Paul Pauwels (Belgium), Tue Steen Mueller (Denmark) and Victoria Belopolskaya (Russia).

Best film of the international competition: Igrushki by Lina Luzyte

Jury Statement:  The first prize is awarded – by a unanimous jury decision – to a documentary that is set in an environment where democracy is still a much coveted good and day by day, people struggle to build a decent living. The filmmaker manages to capture this strange atmosphere in a documentary that surprises by its very original style and manages to go directly to the heart of the viewer. The film is set in a place where time seems to have stopped and created an own and very special universe. The jury appreciated very much the extraordinary cinematic style, the author’s eye for detail and the compelling storytelling that turns every sequence into a story of its own. the jury also appreciated the respect – even the love – with which the main characters are presented.

Special jury award: Phnom Penh Lullaby by Pawel Kloc

Jury Statement: The special jury award goes to a documentary that very much seduced the jury by its cinematic qualities and its intriguing protagonist. By using powerful images and an impressive and well-balanced soundtrack the filmmaker introduces us into a society that in reality looks quite different from the one to be found in the glossy images of the travel agency brochures. Every scene of this film is of a seldom seen intimacy, bringing the viewer very close to the internal struggle of a man trying to be good in a bad world. in addition the film maker manages to introduce a second layer on top of the personal story: This of the constant scandal of sexual abuse of women and children in a society that at sometimes seems completely lawless.

Special Jury Mention – International Competition: Outro by Julia Panasenko

Jury Statement: A documentary that hits the viewer like a rock: punk documenary filmmaking! One of the jury-members called it. Without making any concessions and in a very direct style, the film throws the viewer into the last weeks of the life of the charming, but also tragic main character. As an audience we can only be grateful that the young woman who’s at the core of this film allowed the filmmaker to follow her on her voyage to the very end. the result is a moving documentary that should make all of us think about the way we live our lives.

Jury members of the Focus Caucasus competition were: Petr Kostorhyz (Czech Republic), Lela Ochiauri (Georgia) and Marina Drozdova (Russia).

Focus Caucasus Competition, Best Documentary - The English Teacher by Nino Orjonikidze and Vano Arsenishvili

Jury Statement: Predictable and unpredictable conflicts between a modern and an old approach to the knowledge of the world find themselves in the characters and story of the film.

Special jury mentions were awarded to two films, which show the opposite sides of documentary cinema art. Both films speak about tragic surviving reality in their own style.

Focus Caucasus – 1st Jury Mention: Once Upon Another Time by Alexandr Baev (Georgia)

Focus Caucasus – 2nd Jury Mention: Overtime by Gurcan Keltec (Turkey)

Audience Award: Songs of Redemption by Amanda Sans and Miquel Galofre (Spain)

The Georgian audience attending the film screenings of CinéDOC-Tbilisi has liked the film Songs of Redemption directed by Amanda Sans and Miquel Galofre (Spain) most. The festival team has collected thousands of votes and calculated the points of the most loved film by the audience. Just half an hour before the award ceremony they have finished calculating and counting! Songs of Redemption was also opening film of CinéDOC-Tbilisi and the director Amanda Sans was still in Tbilisi. She received the Audience Award during the award ceremony.