Twilight of a Life / სიცოცხლე შებინდებისას


Twilight of a Life / Dir. Sylvain Biegeleisen / Belgium, Israel / 2015 / 70 min.


At 95 years of age, a mother decides not to surrender before the pessimistic diagnoses of doctors. In the face of old and against all odds, she remains alive and active. “I build something on the future, not the past!,” she says, as her son captures her fascinating and optimistic journey on film. At the ‘twilight of her life’, she embraces the magic of the medium to give an incredible ode to what it means to be alive.

სიცოცხლე შებინდებისას / რეჟ. სილვაინ ბიგელეიზენი/ ისრაელი, ბელგია/ 2015 / 70 წთ.

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