The Doctor Leaves Last / ექიმი ბოლო მიდის


The Doctor Leaves Last / Dir. Svitlana Shymko / Hungary, Ukraine / 2014 / 26 min.


In November 2013 the Revolution of Dignity started in Ukraine. After hearing about cruel beatings of peaceful protesters, Tanya decided to leave her elderly mother in a small town, and become a volunteer doctor in Kyiv. After the revolution, Tanya stays in an improvised Medical Centre on Maidan (the central square in Kyiv) to treat the wounded. There are still many people who need medical help. Because of all the stress and exhaustion her health deteriorates severely, and Tanya is hospitalized. Meanwhile the situation in eastern and southern Ukraine is changing from provocations to real war. As soon as she recovers, she returns to her work on Maidan. But realizes she needs to make a decision: to stay on Maidan, to treat people, or go to the east. Whatever she decides, she will work to the end. The Doctor Leaves last.

ექიმი ბოლო მიდის / რეჟ. სვიტლანა შიმკო / უნგრეთი, უკრაინა / 2014 / 26 წთ.

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