Solo – Out of a Dream / სოლო – ოცნების მიღმა


Solo – Out of a Dream / Dir. Jos De Putter/ The Netherlands / 2014 / 90 min.


20 years ago, featuring in an award-winning documentary made a dream of a 11-year-old Leonardo come true. Following the film, he was invited to top football clubs and was finally able to escape the poverty and violence of the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Now 31, rich and famous, he travels back to meet old friends and see what he has left behind. What happens when a film carries a life away to a dreamed-of future and camera determines the destiny. What is the cost of success. Leonardo realizes that nothing can be won without loss.

სოლო – ოცნების მიღმა / რეჟ. იოს დე პუტერი / ნიდერლანდები / 2014 / 90 წუთი

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