Penthouse North / პენთჰაუსი ჩრდილოეთი


Penthouse North /Dir. Johanna St Michaels / Sweden / 2014 /83 min.


Agneta Eckemyr has one goal in life − to hold onto her home, Penthouse North. The fashion designer,actress and model has led a fabulous life in her apartment overlooking Central Park in New York. But today, the former beauty queen lives in the shadow of her glamorous past, struggling with the challenges of aging and surviving in a city with no mercy. The story of Agneta is the American Dream in reverse. Who is Agneta without Penthouse North? Can she survive without it? Where does Agneta end and the apartment begin?

პენტჰაუსი ჩრდილოეთი / რეჟ.იოანა სეინტ მაიქლსი / შვედეთი / 2014 / 83 წთ.

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