My Dearest Fkin Phone / ჩემი ძვირფასი, დამპალი ტელეფონი


My Dearest F#cking Phone / Dir. Eef Hilgers/ The Netherlands / 2014 / 17 min.


Fourteen-year-old Claudia has, like many teenage girls, an intense love-hate relationship with her smartphone. She feels alone and insecure, fueled by the pictures of beautiful, successful and fun-loving friends on Instagram. She herself has made sure she is hard to find online. She considers herself not pretty enough. It’s no wonder that she is dreading the vacation because that means no Internet. Strikingly enough, these days without a Wi-Fi connection turn out to be a breakthrough for Claudia.

ჩემი ძვირფასი, დამპალი ტელეფონი / რეჟ. ეფჰილ ხერსი / ნიდერლანდები / 2014 / 17 წუთი

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