Giovanni and the Water Ballet / ჯოვანი და სინქრონული ცურვა


Giovanni and the Water Ballet / Dir. Astrid Bussink /The Netherlands / 2014 / 17 min.


Ten-year old Giovanni has a dream: he wants to be the first boy to compete in the Dutch Synchronized Swimming Championships. Because his chosen field is viewed as typically one for girls, not everybody is as understanding as they could be. But Giovanni runs his own race and Kim, his girlfriend does get what he is trying to do. When they are alone they chat about the future. Will Giovanni be able to take advantage of Kim’s support and make it to the Championships?

ჯოვანი და სინქრონული ცურვა / რეჟ. ასტრიდ ბუსნიკი / ნიდერლანდები / 2014 / 17 წთ.

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