Gabriel Reports on the World Cup / გაბრიელი მსოფლიო თასის შესახებ


Gabriel Reports on the World Cup /Dir. Els van Driel / The Netherlands / 2014 / 17 min.


“Gabriël reports on the World Cup” is about the duty of the government to do everything that is necessary to secure children’s rights. 2014 World Cup turned the life of a fourteen-year-old Gabriël upside down. A new rail line, providing transportation for football supporters, is to cut through his neighbourhood, demolishing houses and forcing families to move. To capture the turn of events and stand for his rights, Gabriël decides to put self-made footage of bulldozers tearing down his neighbourhood on a blog.

გაბრიელი მსოფლიო თასის შესახებ / რეჟ. ელს ვან დრილი/ ნიდერლანდები / 2014 / 17 წთ.

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