Comeback / დაბრუნება


Comeback / Dir. Miro Remo / Slovakia / 2014 / 85 min.


Time in one of Slovakia’s most guarded prisons, where most of the prisoners return regularly, passes very slowly. Two recidivists evaluate their past and look into the future as the time of their release approaches. How does the whole process look and what awaits Zlatko and Miro outside of jail after many years? Once out, they are empty-handed with no education and a criminal record. A complicated family background and no friends acting as positive models giving them a chance to integrate into normal life. Baffled, they observe what’s new on the outside – women, cars, fashion, smart phones – everything has changed, but they remain the same. Will they be able to start from scratch and is it safe for the society? How much can a mother of a jailbird handle? Is the judicial system fair enough? The story of repeat criminals’ reintegration and being trapped in a vicious circle.

დაბრუნება / რეჟ. მირო რემო / სლოვაკეთი / 2014 / 85 წთ.

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