Casa / კასა


Casa / Dir. Daniela De Felice / France, Italy / 2013 / 55 Min.

Daniela de Felice films her mother preparing to move from the family house, in which the father, who died in 1997, is cruelly absent. The final inventorying is complicated by hazy memories of the father’s death and begins to resemble a ritual farewell. Despite the seemingly banal goings-on (tidying, boxing up belongings before the move), the intimacy of the simply filmed conversations gives rise to emotions that seem to have long been unexpressed. It seems that these belated exchanges are the only way of completing a mourning process begun fifteen years ago.

კასა / რეჟ. დანიელა დე ფელიჩე / საფრანგეთი, იტალია / 2013 / 55 წთ.