Call me Marianna / მე ვარ მარიანა


Call me Marianna / Dir. Karolina Bielawska / Poland / 2015 / 75 min.


Marianna is an attractive 40-year-old woman who sued her parents to obtain a sex change. During her struggle to legally change her identity and undergo gender reassignment surgery she realizes that freedom has its price. Confronted with the idea of losing what she holds dearest to her – her family – she must face the chilling reminder of the sacrifices one takes to be themselves. Call Me Marianna is a story about a person who has to choose between her own identity and what is most precious to them.

მე ვარ მარიანა / რეჟ.კაროლინა ბიელავსკა / პოლონეთი / 2015 / 75 წთ.

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